Winter Weather Wear

Brumby sportin’ a Ruffwear Utility Jacket

It was raining most of the day today and it got me thinking… I love me a pup in a sweater! A pittie in a hoodie? Be still my heart! A poodle in a raincoat? Swoon! I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some of my favorite dog coats, jackets, and sweaters!

For those with short hair, less body mass, or trouble staying warm, a sweater is always a super helpful (and cute!) option. I like a good base layer option like the one Gold Paw makes. It’s light enough that it can go under a coat or jacket, but made of warm fleece so it’s cozy. My fluffy chow mix wears one in the winter to keep him dry on snowy walks. For something a little more tailored and sturdy, check out Kurgo’s core sweater. This sweater is warm and cozy, and can handle more intense cold. It’s also thin enough that it can fit under a coat. Wilderdog makes a little heavier option that’s great for winter hiking and camping. It’s made of a quick-drying fleece and is thick enough to keep your pup nice and warm, and thin enough to fit under a harness. It also has a turtle-neck style neck, so it’s great for longer necked breeds.

Raincoats are great to keep your pup dry. They’re great for both short and long hair pups on rainy or snowy days. I like the utility jacket from Ruffwear. It’s super light-weight, fleece lined, and well built to withstand the elements. Hurtta makes a parka that is designed specifically with short haired dogs in mind. (These coats are amazing for whippets & greyhounds!) It is meant to keep your pup dry and and warm. It can also be used for those with longer coats in colder conditions.

When it gets really cold out, even longer coated pups might want a jacket. Ruffwear makes a puffy coat for colder weather. It’s insulated and waterproof, and great for winter adventures. It has full belly coverage and small sleeves. For a slightly different style, check out Kurgo’s loft jacket. It’s warm and lightweight, with open arm holes. Carhartt makes the most durable coat I have yet to encounter. It’s made with the same quality as their human coats. It’s thick, warm, and made for the outdoors.

When looking for any dog clothing, keep in mind your pup’s body shape and size, as well as their coat length. One coat wouldn’t fit or look the same on a corgi as it would a husky, a chihuahua, or a ridgeback. Some coats have wide arm cutouts, while others have short sleeves. Make sure your pup can move freely and comfortably in their gear. And be sure to check the body once the garment is removed for any rubbing or rash. You want to be sure your pup is appropriately dressed for their body temp. A short hair dog would benefit from insulated, or fleece lined clothing, but dogs with undercoats don’t usually need the added warmth. Sighthounds such as whippets and greyhounds are often seen wearing full body suits like the ones Hurtta makes. That’s because these breeds are especially susceptible to cold, and often wearing these outfits are the only ways they can successfully be outside in the winter months. On the other side of the spectrum, dogs with longer coats don’t actually need to wear coats or jackets, but humans like the look of them and the fact that they keep the coat dry. Large breeds like Pyrenees, St Bernards, and Newfoundlands should not wear coats. These dogs are literally made for living outdoors in cold weather. Putting a coat on them would just insulate their body temperature and cause them to overheat. That’s probably why you won’t easily find coats in their size in pet stores.

There are a lot of options out there. The best thing to do is have your pup try them on before buying them, or getting them from a company that has easy returns. Just like humans, every pup is different. And just like humans, it’s nice to have a few for different occasions.

Riggs on the left is wearing a Gold Paw sweater, Red & Leo on the right wearing a Ruffwear Powder Hound Jacket (River does not need a jacket)

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