Adventure Pup is an Outdoor Adventure dog care service in Bend, OR offering Adventure Hikes, Dog Park Outings, Neighborhood Walks, Training Services, and Education Classes. 

Adventure Pup is run by an animal-loving, dog-focused human named Dena that has dedicated her days learning all aspects of dog care so she can give back to the species most adored in our culture: DOGS!

Dena has over twenty years of dog care and training experience, with a background in pack environments, a focus on energy work, a strong knowledge of behavioral issues, experience in the animal medical field, and certifications in dog behavior & positive reinforcement training, animal communication, animal Reiki, and animal CPR & First-Aid. Her dog Link is a RottenChow adopted from the Oregon Humane Society’s Second Chance Program. Link has helped Dena further discover her passion for dog care and his love for the great outdoors has led to the creation of Adventure Pup in 2014.

Adventure Pup does not use aversive tools, such as choke chains, prong collars, or e-collars. We focus on Positive Reinforcement and always recommend using a Fear Free & Force Free approach to animal care. 


Adventure Pup LLC is Licensed, Bonded, & Insured