Adventure Pup is an outdoor adventure dog day camp in Bend, OR.

Pups are picked up and taken to various trails throughout Central Oregon. A different trail is planned for each Adventure in order to give dogs the chance to explore everything our beautiful state has to offer. All dogs must be well socialized and have a firm grip on basic commands in order to participate in Adventures.

Adventure Pup is run by a human named Dena, an animal-loving, dog-focused individual that has dedicated her days learning all aspects of dog care so she can give back to the species most adored in our culture: DOGS!

Dena has over twenty years of dog care and training experience,¬†with knowledge of pack environments, a background in aggressive behaviors, and certification in animal CPR and first-aid. Her dog Link is a RottenChow adopted from the Oregon Humane Society’s second chance program. Link has helped Dena further discover her passion for dog care and his love for the great outdoors has led to the creation of Adventure Pup.