Adventure Pup is an Outdoor Adventure dog care service in Bend, OR offering Adventure Hikes, Dog Park Outings, Neighborhood Walks, Training Services, and Education Classes. 

Adventure Pup is run by an animal-loving, dog-focused human named Dena that has dedicated her days learning all aspects of dog care so she can give back to the species most adored in our culture: DOGS!

Dena has over twenty years of dog care and training experience, with a background in pack environments, a focus on energy work, a strong knowledge of behavioral issues, experience in the animal medical field, and certifications in dog behavior & positive reinforcement training, animal communication, animal Reiki, and animal CPR & First-Aid. Her dog Link is a RottenChow adopted from the Oregon Humane Society’s Second Chance Program. Link has helped Dena further discover her passion for dog care and his love for the great outdoors has led to the creation of Adventure Pup in 2014.

Adventure Pup does not use aversive tools, such as choke chains, prong collars, or e-collars. We focus on Positive Reinforcement and always recommend using a Fear Free & Force Free approach to animal care.

Adventure Pup LLC is Licensed, Bonded, & Insured.



Mission Statement

“If you know anything about me, you know that I love dogs. I love all non-human animals, but I have always had a very special connection to dogs. My entire life I have been learning, building, and growing in order to become the most well rounded dog-person I could be. I have worked in several shelters, vet clinics, daycares, and boarding facilities. I’ve taken classes in training, behavior, nosework, medical care, first aid, cpr, and energy work. I only feel normal when I am with dogs. 

So, naturally, I decided to start my own dog care business, so I could spend my days with dogs, teaching them all I know while learning even more from them. When I started Adventure Pup it was just a side job. I was working as a manager at a very busy dog daycare, as well as in the Animal Medical Learning Center at the Oregon Humane Society, and didn’t have a lot of spare time, but friends kept asking me to help with their dogs. And then friends of friends. And then complete strangers. It started as a weekend job, walking dogs around their neighborhoods and working on easy training. Then the daycare I was working at sold to an… ahem… indecent human who focused solely on money. I had to take step back and reevaluate what I wanted to do in the dog world. At the same time I had everyone around me telling me to go into business for myself. I’ve never wanted to own my own business, it was so daunting and seemed like too much work, but there was something about running a dog care business that seemed right, and somehow not so scary. So just like that, I did it. 

I researched prominent dog towns, and looked into what areas might benefit from more guidance, education, and fun and thus relocated to Bend, Oregon.

Every day I work on furthering my own knowledge, while sharing what I know with the people that want to learn. I spend all my time focusing on what’s best for each individual dog, and how I can give them everything they need to be the best dog they can be. 

Each outing is tailored specifically to benefit the dogs I am working with. Every dog is different, and they are treated as individuals. Adventure Pup utilizes training games to make learning fun for every dog, and then we further their education by giving their humans guidance on how to best enjoy time with their dogs. 

On Hikes we walk as a Pack. Dogs are mostly off-leash, but some leash guidance is offered to those that benefit from it. We work on trail manners, discover play boundaries, and practice basic training exercises. Throughout our Hike we strengthen our skills on recall, sit-stay’s, leave-it’s, and drop-it’s. We also work on things that each individual Pup might be struggling with. If someone is having a hard time walking on leash, we will work on leash guidance. If someone is focused on eating non-edible trail treasures, we will work on redirecting them to better behaviors and only eating what’s given to them. If someone has an intense play style and only has fun when terrorizing others, we will work on boundaries and explore other ways to share fun. We do what’s best for each individual, as well as the Pack as a whole. We keep Packs small so everyone is able to enjoy themselves without feeling crowded or overwhelmed, and so the Human Adventure Guide can keep an eye on everyone at once.

On Walks we work on everything from basic manners to reactivity. We try different tools to find the right one for each individual, and different guidance activities to reach each personality. Since walks are done one Pup at a time, or one household at a time, they are more specialized and tailored than Pack Hikes. Each walk we can focus on what most benefits that Pup at that moment. Walks are a great way to get your dog out and moving while giving them confidence, teaching structure (which dogs thrive on), and strengthen their leash behaviors. Being on leash does not equate to not having fun. Pups can find great enrichment on leashed walks and a tether between dog & human can work as a bonding tool, to help your Pup feel connected & safe. Long leads are often used on walks to give Pups extra room to roam & sniff. Sniffing is a major focus on our walks, as it helps Pups decompress, gather information, learn, & explore. Dogs rely on their sense of smell first and foremost, so sniffing is an essential activity for every Pup. 

On Dog Park Outings we work on off-leash guidance and socialization exercises. We also work on basic cues with lots of distractions, which is great for puppies and dogs that haven’t been in your family for long. Dog park outings are a great way to prepare dogs for being off leash in the real world. It’s a great way for a Pup to feel freedom and explore smells off leash. 

I do not listen to music, podcasts, or utilize phones during our Hikes except to take photos of the dogs. We practice mindfulness and find being present with the dogs is the safest, most enjoyable way to spend time together. Every Pup is very important to me, thus they deserve all of my attention when in my care. Any moment that I am with a Pup GUIDANCE, BONDING, & LOVE are being exchanged. Whether it’s on an off-leash Pack Hike with a group of familiar friends, a leashed walk with a dog I just met, or quietly sitting on my couch with my own dog, I am guiding and loving the dog I am with, and I am being guided by and loved by that dog. We form a bond that’s unique, and every Pup I spend time with stays with me forever.” -Dena, Owner & Manager