Rates & Services

Hiking Adventures! $30 We pick up your Pup between 8-9am, go to dog friendly trails & parks for about 2 hours, and then drop them off happy and well exercised between 11am-12pm. We keep our packs small so everyone has a fun and stress-free hike! We focus on off-leash guidance and basic training practices. *This service is intended for reoccurring clients*

Walk! $20 A 30-minute walk for your Pup where we focus on guidance & basic leash manners! We will pick your Pup up at an agreed upon time and take them to a dog safe neighborhood, focusing on bonding exercises & leash guidance. We will return your Pup home, happy & safe.

Dog Park Visit! $20 A fun outing to a dog park! We will pick your Pup up and take them to a local dog park and spend 30 minutes doing what they like to do while also working on guidance exercises and training practices!

Training Session! $40 A 30-minute session working on basic obedience & manners! Each session is specialty crafted & tailored to the individual. We will work on learning cues & behaviors that benefit each pup & their humans. We encourage humans to be present during training sessions, but we understand that that isn’t always possible. Each pup is set up with a weekly training plan, and each session is followed up with a detailed write-up to ensure that parents, pup, and trainer are all on the same page. *This service is not for reactivity or aggression cases, but we can happily recommend a behavioralist for you*

Sleepovers! $60 We will stay with your pets in your home while you are away! This service includes all the love and care your animal might need: AM & PM walks, all meals, medications, daily cage or litter box cleanings, and so many pets and cuddles! Light house duties are included as well! Additional services can be added on for an extra fee. *We are currently booked for sleepovers for 2021 and cannot accept any new clients*