How Adventures Work

Adventure Pup offers outdoor hiking Adventures for well socialized pups across Bend. Your pup will be picked up from your home around 9am, brought to one of the various dog-friendly trails/paths/parks throughout Central Oregon, and brought home happy and well exercised around 1pm.

Human Adventure Guide Dena is trained in various areas of dog care and will keep your pups safe and happy while helping them reconnect to their inner canine! Dogs will spend their time in a small pack environment, and will often go on Adventures with the same dogs each week. This will create strong bonds and can have lasting positive effects on your pooch.

All dogs must be well socialized and have a firm grip on basic commands in order to participate in Adventures. For their safety, each dog must have their own fitted harness for Adventures. Dogs are placed in their harnesses and clipped in during car rides. Treats and water will be provided for each pup by the Human Adventure Guide, so please let us know of any allergies or dietary restrictions.

To keep your pup safe and protected, Adventure Pup is run with the help of! Please go to to check availability and to schedule an Adventure!